The recent liability judgement vs a physio therapy clinic and large equipment supplier has caused fee for use fitness facilities to review their protocol in ensuring the safety of their equipment.
This article is one of a series provided by STAK Fitness Intl Inc to assist in making sure equipment selection, installation, maintenance and repairs are done regularly and efficiently to ensure maximum results and safety for your patrons and your business.
Installation of your equipment
92.3% of service problems on commercial fitness equipment, including cardio equipment and weight equipment, detected in 6 months to 1 year of ownership monitored in the last 6 years in commercial fitness facilities have been found to be as a result of poor fitness equipment installation*.
The average service call requires 1.5 hours in labour and 0 in parts replacement. Cost (including travel is averaged ranges from $75 to $175 in labour per visit for installation related service issues mostly not covered under warranty unless installation performed by certified and authorized technicians.)
*survey done by STAK Fitness in conjunction with independent service providers across Canada.
STAK Fitness comprehensive installation package includes the following:
1.remove of equipment from packing material
2.disposal of packing material
3.move into proper location at your facility (pre arrangements required on room layout)
4.customized removal (pre arrangements and notice required)
Quality Check:
Verify functionality of the equipment once in place
-check electrical connections
-check proper amperage draw on treadmills,
– Check resistance settings
-Verify running belt alignment and tension on treadmills
-Verify drive belt alignment
-Verify speed sensor alignment
-Verify front roller alignment
-Verify rear roller alignment
-Verify software program function
-Verify heart rate control inspection
-Verify upper board testing
-Verify power supply
-elevation gears test
-elevation mounts inspected
-elevation wheels tested
-elevation sensor tested
-diagnostics feature tested
-all screws tightened, aligned and in place with shroud after testing

The STAK Fitness and Precor team has 75 years of collective experience in delivering large orders of commercial fitness equipment to multiple facilities of all sizes.
STAK and Precor have found that installation service can avoid the above mentioned service and post installation service costs
The STAK Fitness installation and shipping service includes sending an authorized and qualified trained service tech person to each detachment and every location to assemble and test the equipment as per our outlined schedule and standards.
This investment, included in your cost per item, is a small fraction of the costs later on as a result of installation not up to standard.
For more information on our programs and details related to equipment supply, safety and maximizing your return, please feel free to contact our local representative or myself directly.

Greg Lawlor