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Basically, sports can be done anytime and anywhere. But for those of you who are in a weight loss program, there are certain times that are well done in order to weight lose can be more effective.

When exactly that time?

Compared to sports in the afternoon or evening, many studies say the best time to exercise is in the morning. Especially if the sport is done when the stomach is empty or before you eat breakfast. Research conducted by Gonzales GT in 2013 showed that exercise before breakfast can burn 20% more body fat. This is because when you exercise when the stomach is empty, the body’s metabolism will increase so that the burning of calories will be more and more.

An empty stomach in the morning also causes the body to adjust the production of insulin hormone. This hormone will work more sensitively to help the body absorb nutrients from food and channel it to the muscles and liver much better. In addition, with the morning exercise you can avoid hunger throughout the day.

Supported by research conducted by Lara Carlson, PhD, at the American College of Sports Medicine, if you exercise in the morning, physical activity can also make the body release endorphins hormone. It is this hormone that stimulates you to choose a healthier diet. It is suitable for you who are in the diet program to weight lose, right?